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Kroon casino mobile casino

What could be better than playing in Kroon casino on your smartphone or tablet? You can play wherever and whenever: at home on the sofa or in the train on the way to work. When you visit Kroon casino on your smartphone, you are automatically directed to the mobile casino. Kroon casino has developed a special mobile version of its casino to offer players the best possible experience on mobile devices. New players have a chance to play in Kroon casino on their smartphone by opening a player account. They will also be eligible to receive a 100 euro deposit bonus.

Kroon casino’s mobile casino

The mobile casino is divided into several categories. In addition to visiting the casino on your smartphone, you can also bet on sports matches or place live bets. When you select the casino on your smartphone, you will see an overview of all available games, divided into separate, clear categories.

The first thing you see will be the latest games to be added to the mobile casino. Next, you will see a list of table games. Scroll down even further and you can select a game of live roulette or live blackjack to play on your mobile device. The mobile slot machines are next, as is the option to play video poker.

If you want a complete overview of all available casino games right away, select that option and see that you can also play Pai Gow poker or enjoy a game of roulette or blackjack on your phone. There is also an option to try out Kroon casino’s mobile casino for free. When you are not logged in, e.g. because you do not have an account yet, you can choose to play in the fun mode when you select a slot machine or other game.

Open your account today

To start playing in Kroon casino on your mobile device, you can opt to play for free. Note that you will need an account to access the live casino, although you can still play for free even then.

With your smartphone in hand, all you have to do is go to Kroon casino and sign up by entering some personal information. There are no further obligations, but it does give you the opportunity to explore this mobile casino at your leisure, e.g. on a train or in a waiting room.

After you sign up, you can either play for free or transfer money into your player account. There are several ways to do the latter and after selecting the payment method of your choosing, you will be able to claim your 100 euro welcome bonus. Your mobile betting adventure will be off to a great start in Kroon casino, where you can use this free bonus money to start betting right away.


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